September 12, 2020
8 a.m. Ohio Street Beach, Chicago, Illinois
COVID-19 UPDATE (5/20/2020)

We wanted to let you know where things stand and possible outcomes.  First, where things stand right now is - it's too early to know.  We are still 4 months away, and if this pandemic has taught us anything, it's how much the world can change in 2 months, let alone 4.  

However, it does appear possible that we will have to consider canceling the race.  As always, our primary goal in our decision making is your safety.  If we cannot be sure of putting on a safe event, we will have no choice but to cancel.  

If we do cancel, as you know, our standard policy as a not-for-profit whose proceeds go to benefit charity, is no refunds.  However, this year is clearly different.  We will make our decision early enough to avoid the standard sunk costs that would preclude refunds.  

In such a case, we will offer 3 choices:  

1) you may request a refund (less any costs incurred to our credit card processor and online registration vendor).

2) you may defer your registration to Big Shoulders 2021, and you will be automatically registered for that event.

3) you may donate your registration to benefit the UIC Men's and Women's Swim Teams, and receive a GUARANTEED REGISTRATION SLOT FOR 2021.

Please do not let us know now, as we have not made any decision yet.  We simply wanted to communicate what your options will be.  We expect to make a decision by July 1st, and will advise you at that time of how we will proceed.

In the meantime, we hope you have found somewhere to swim safely, or some other form of exercise and/or distraction to keep you sane.

Hang in there, and know that one day we will be back together again, swimming in Lake Michigan, gazing up at the skyline, and smiling!